Non-fiction as debut

I may not get many readers as this is my first article, but I’ll try to be liked by as many people as possible.

This story is of my experience. In one of my junior classes, maybe in Kinder-Garten or so, was truly shocked to see a lie of a mother. I was then ashamed of our human race to learn this.

A girl in our class had lost her water bottle 3 to 4 days back. On a certain day, she saw a bottle of a boy, which looked exactly like hers. She complained to the teacher. When the teacher went over the boy, what he said was astonishing!

“Miss, Mummy told that when someone asks you ‘bout this bottle, tell that it’s yours. And When I asked her why she said that it is very beautiful and we can’t afford it.”

What a big heart we humans have! Truly, it’s worth admiring!



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