Nothing always stands strong

Abir Mukherjee
2 min readMay 12, 2021


Xi Wung Chi was a little boy of 7. Unlike other children in his class, he was quite an obedient boy. He used to follow what his mother would order him. Even when his brother said to study, he used to do it without question.

He was loved by his mother very much as he was an ideal boy according to her. And that’s true, any Communist would also be very impressed by his obedience.

Wung Chi studied in standard 2 of a model school in Shandong. He was a good boy in his school too. He used to top in class every year. His teachers were truly impressed by his honesty and results.

It was the year 2108. An uprising occurred against the Chinese Communist Party. The students went against the teachers who preferred communism. There were riots all over China, even inside and outside the schools. But as per his early education, Xi Wung Chi was out of politics.

Few boys of the tenth standard were targetting Xi because he was quite obedient to all elders. One day, they went to Xi and proposed, “Hello bro, we learnt that you are a pretty good boy — honest and obedient of all. Is it correct?”

Xi: “Yes, it is correct.”

Boys: “Then may we propose something for you to follow?”

Xi: “Why not? Please go ahead.”

Boys: “You need to go to the staff room after school. Then, find your class teacher’s table. Take what you get are important documents from her drawer and hand them to us.”

When Xi went forward to ask them, they warned him. So, Xi had to obey as he would his other elders. Then, that day, the boys got the documents. They were really important in defending the political leaders from the revolutionaries.

Some days later, the students, along with the democrat leaders blocked all the possible ways for the Communists to escape. Thus, a massive conflict took place. Finally, China was made free of Communism. The bloodshed washed the land of Confucius and made it red. The supporters along with the leaders on both sides were killed.

The boys who bribed Xi with a book thanked him. His class teacher was also dead. The boy felt no back up without his class teacher, so he repented, but it was too late.

When his mother learnt about this, she had nothing to say. So, she just turned away from him.

What I want to convey is that — nothing always stands good. All of the things — education, too, has a downfall.



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